Hand Gun Safe 6mm - Small, Pistol, Ammunition Ammo Box

-12 months warranty on the locks

-Solid Steel construction

-Thick resistant key lock

-4 x Mounting Holes (17mm each) (2 x in the Base & 2 x in the Rear)

-4 x Dynabolts Provided, Diameter: 15mm

-Australia Wide Category H Complyant

-7 pin Rossi Locks

-Walls: 6mm, Door: 6mm, Top & Base: 6mm

-Weight: 16kg

-Compliant to category Level 1, Level 2, A, B, C, D & H in All States Across Australia

SKU: Hand-Gun-Safe-6mm-Small
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Our Safes Proudly Pass The Compliance Testing of
Victoria Police, NSW Police, SA Police, TAS Police, W.A Police, ACT Police, QLD Police, NT Police & the Firearms Act 1996.

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